There can be many challenges that come across creating a portal and when you are looking for best Matrimony software developers Bangalore, you must look for an experienced company who can deal and handle in an efficient way and Matricart is one of them.

Marriage is an essential occasion in any individual’s life. The matrimonial software is providing great solutions of bringing two hearts together. Matricart understand individual conception of the marriage and work on it to creating an effective application that brings one’s dream into reality.

Why is Matrimonial Software Wanted By Most Business Owners?

As everything is going online in modern world, matrimonial businesses are also going digital. More number of local, national and international matrimony software and web portals are emerging and doing great online business in Bangalore. That is why the demand for Matrimony software developers in Bangalore is rising high.

Best Matrimony Software Developers Bengaluru

Why Choose Matricart as Matrimony software developers Bangalore?

  • Matricart matrimony software has an excellent user interface in which the bride and groom can enter their personal details without any fear of data breach like height, weight, occupation, horoscope etc. and then get the perfect life partner.
  • Our expert team of software experts code your matrimony software in various Framework and Script that has been designed for capturing hearts of your customers.
  • Our matrimony software is revenue generation tool rather than marketing prospects.
  • Matricart website design is in sync with today’s Indian youth thoughts and has kept the registration process simple yet effective.
  • We provide your beloved users 100% security and help them in finding their desired life partner
  • A significant reason why Matricart has gained popularity in recent years is because of including advanced-search feature options that attract Different business owners from various strata and of different tastes.
  • Our innovative Designers balance the relation between modernity and tradition to create intuitive software.
  • Matricart matrimony software will please the eye of customers and also include the option to filter by the community, status, profession etc.
  • Our Software will have built-in security for keeping user payment secure.
  • The users of your software will also have the restrictions of their respective searches and will get what they want precisely to avoid spamming
  • We also include the option of advanced search on the prospect’s profiles.
  • The users have the option to upload their photo, manage their portfolio and bookmark the desired profiles whenever they want.

Matricart will facilitate these exclusive features for registered members:

  • User can fill all the required details of profile
  • They can Edit their self-profile
  • Upload n number of profile photos
  • Horoscope uploading
  • Paid users will get authorization of changing partner profile
  • Contact desire profiles and also bookmark them
  • Regular SMS alert
  • Paid users have an option of filling information of family members
  • Accessing partner preference
  • Add your hobbies and mention interest
  • Accessing members’ details (only for pain users)
  • Advance search option include Search by education, salary, religion, community and by Profile ID
  • Users can mention specific choice of matches
  • Search terms include search by city, state and country
  • Paid Users can search by age, occupation, height, and zodiac sign
  • Accessing print profile of bride or groom
  • Advance Feature to send personalized messages to bookmarked profiles
  • Facility to share profile
  • Access the list of sent and received messages

Matricart Provide these exclusive features for admins for effective management of Matrimony software

  • Giving Paid or free online registration to users
  • Limit the access for unpaid members
  • Offer Premium facilities for paid members
  • Password management system for Admins
  • Google Analytics (site hits analyser) for effective analysis
  • Admin will gain the power to add, edit, de-activate and delete any user profile which violates the terms and conditions
  • Reports on membership and payment
  • Admin can add, modify or delete content of the Software and Users ( by taking Permission From Users )
  • Special Login section to admins through mobile software to manage membership and view matching profiles
  • Accept online payment from users through different payment Options and convert free users to paid users
  • Provide Email and SMS Alert for Effective matchmaking
  • Admin can send auto reminder messages to free users and remind them to renew membership
  • Generate Automated E-mails for Users
  • Manage user documentation and Provide 24/7 support

It is evident that Matrimonial business owners won’t let the opportunity of growing their business from our matrimonial Application.

Always get in touch with authentic, registered and certified Matrimony software developers Bangalore providers for your exceptional matrimonial business, then o consider MATRICART.