Matrimonial services have caught the attention of millions of people across the globe. Prospective brides and grooms are switching to online matrimony applications from offline matchmaking process due to the advanced features an online matrimonial assistance can provide. Hence, the demand for Matrimony website script has increased by leaps and bounds. So, the proficient matrimonial software developers like matricart are working extremely hard to create a matrimony software script that can cater and fulfil all the requirements of clients.

Why offline matrimonial business holders are shifting towards online Business model?

Offline matrimonial businesses are of those kinds which usually possess a specific series of the target audiences that have advanced over the years. Moreover, an offline matrimonial business has a limited set of employees who look after everything. The profile database present with these types of companies is also low and limited to certain locations only. These companies don’t have any matrimonial software or websites. Hence, they used to store the photos and profiles of their clients manually.

It is very difficult for the business owners to keep all the records safe and when users grew, they demand more facilities, security and professional assistance too. That’s why online matrimonial assistance came into existence. This leads to the need for the matrimonial business to go online.

What are the basic needs of modern Matrimony website script?

  • Easy User Registration process
  • Profile verification of user
  • User can select a favourite and bookmark any profile which they like the most.
  • Users can always share their experiences
  • Upload customers information with pictures
  • Easy and advance search option
  • Manual assistance from the admin side
  • Shortlisting facility
  • Invoice maintenance
  • Integration to CRM
  • Set partner preference
  • With In-app calling feature user can make phone calls with their desired profiles
  • Add your personal and family details
  • Horoscope Matchmaking process
  • Set privacy and visibility
  • Security and Stability assurance
  • Premium memberships plans
  • If a user feels unsecured, then with the help of user privacy and blocking feature he/she can block that particular profile
  • Email and SMS Notifications alerts to Users

What are the Benefits of choosing MATRICART Matrimony Website Script?

  • Both User And Client satisfaction
  • The business owner can concentrate on developing and expanding the matrimonial business
  • Customer handling and follow-up becomes easy with our application
  • The matrimony software can be run in several countries and in various Languages
  • 24/7 Support and assistance is provided
  • Complete Mobile responsive and compatible with any operation system i.e. Android, IOS and Windows.
  • The matrimonial website resulted from the matrimony website script will run in any browser such as Google Chrome, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, etc.
  • Managing and Keeping backups of User database becomes simple
  • Gaining huge database
  • A variety of exciting features can be added as per the client requirement
  • Cost of infrastructure and hardware can be saved
  • No need of having knowledge for managing our software you can train your employees with the available videos and manuals we provide
  • Brides and Grooms can avail of matchmaking service from anyplace and from anytime

Matrimony Website Designer

A well-reputed matrimony software company like matricart can really provide matrimony website script with a responsive design and some advance features such as:

Quick Response:

The best matrimony website script development companies like matricart add ultra-advanced features such as a search filter bar in application for getting a fast response to the query of the user. In this feature the user just has to submit the details. Again, the user can search by submitting the Profile ID of the desire partner.

Numerous Revenue models:

Furthermore, with matricart matrimonial application the admin of the software can use Google ads and banner ads to generate some side revenue. Our experienced matrimony script developers can create the matrimonial software that doesn’t need any guideline for users to operate.

Secured storage and Payment gateway

Our matrimonial software script is designed in such a way that the user credentials can be properly stored under tight security for the in order to prevent any kind of data loss. With the help of secure payment gateway option, users can make secure payments to switch from free to paid membership plan.

Are you are looking for a Matrimony website Script development company? Visit Matricart, we are leading application development company in India and has years of experience in building attractive and user-friendly Matrimonial applications for Android and iOS. We develop most effective admin panel for effective management of the software, our certified software developers are fully aware of how to create a successful matrimony website script.

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